Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Smiling Dog

I swear that dog was smiling at me!
It's a foggy Tuesday morning here in the valley- I could barely see down the road as I took my son by the hand and crossed the street to his bus stop. As we waited a couple figures were appearing from the fog walking towards me and my son. It was a young guy (20 something) walking his dog, maybe it was imagination but I swear that dog was smiling. I started thinking if only people got as excited to see each other as dogs get when they see a human. Then the man said "Good Morning" which is rather funny because I am usually the one that offers a greeting first when seeing a stranger. "Good Morning!...cute dog" I said in return. The man laughed and said "come on..." can't remember the dog's name. But could see my own dog peering from our window across the street. The sight of another dog had him on edge- I couldn't tell if my dog was smiling or not from where I was but when I came back home I know he was glad to see me!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Blues

What can I say? All that built up anticipation over one meal to have it so quickly vanished leaves me a little blue.

I love preparing for thanksgiving- picking out recipes, going to the grocery store and preparing fabulous desserts that I would only make this time of year.

This year I made chocolate covered toffee, a 5 layer pie called banana pecan, my own unique version of sweet potatoes, yeast crossants, prosciutto covered pears, roasted cloves of garlic, peppercorn & walnut covered brie, cranberry covered goat cheese (bought this), traditional mashed potatoes with cream cheese- my wonderful husband made a turkey and family contributed Ham, cornbread dressing, sausage dressing, Blonde brownies with peanut butter frosting, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pistachio nut jello salad, green bean casserole, and a wonderful spinach strawberry walnut salad.

Any weight I lost over the last month or so is probably gained back- but how can one resist such pleasure?

It's almost like a contest that you train for and compete that has come to an end. But there is no prize or 1st place trophy, only approving nods and comments of approval. I must admit it is wonderful to cook for people that like my cooking, people that complain and are uber picky are buzz killers.

I feel like saying to those finicky non-feasters- "Stay home and cook for yourself-if you are going to be pain in the butt!" But fortunately this year most everyone seemed to enjoy my and others efforts.

Anyway all is not lost-Christmas is coming and another celebration to share my mad cooking skills with those that care!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicken Drama

Sometimes the highlight of my day is chicken drama. Yes, I have succumbed to another level of small town country life, by owning actual livestock!
     I have at least  5 different breeds. 1 Rooster and 6 hens.
Chickens are relatively easy, just provide food and shelter and they pretty much take care of them selves. Only one lays eggs, but it's hard to beat farm fresh eggs- my other hens should be laying soon.
     So, on with my chicken drama. Well, one very cool thing about chickens is that they pretty much put themselves to bed. My older chickens every evening around dust will go into their coop for the night. Now the other chickens, primarily 3 roost on the top ledge of the door to their coop. I hate this because they can see into the alley and the cats can see them, they are actually even with the top of the fence when they do roost.
     Well last night we came home rather late and pulling into the drive way was one of my hens, sitting I might add, by one of the cars. I figure she must have flew off of the perch into the alley and somehow made it to the drive way. Looking in the back yard, my 2 older chickens and one of the younger hens were in their coop, while the other 3 were no where to be seen. After much inspection we found them hundled in the corner perching on one of the lawn chairs in the corner of the porch.
    Now you know your in a small town or live a small town life when the highlight of your day is 'chicken drama'.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Life in a small town can be rather rewarding if you learn to enjoy simple pleasures. You have to look for them sometimes but when you realize you found a simple pleasure, they become easier to find.                      
My youngest son started school, his first day of school was yesterday, which mom and dad both attended. But today was suppose to be his first time riding the bus on his own. Well we missed the bus- missed the call telling me where and when the bus would be coming. So when I finally heard the message on my phone we decided to walk. The walk consisted of walking down our country alley and down the path by the canal through the high school which is next to his elementary school. I stayed long enough to make sure he was signed in and seated. Doing legos while I arranged his ride home. I headed back home walking  about 2 blocks. Why have the bus pick him up in the morning if we live so close?- you might ask. Well why not! They are offering so I am taking advantage and I can change my mind about it later. Anyway- it is a beautiful day, lovely walk with a lovely boy and everything so close. The bus will drop him off right at the front door, and today he will be riding with his teacher to our house in the bus! Does that happen in big cities? I don't think so! Lovin' this small town life so far!